“Khalifa bin Salman Award for Bahraini Doctor” jury holds second meeting

 October 14, 2020

The jury in charge of designating the winners of the “Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Award for Bahraini Doctor” held its second meeting yesterday virtually, under the chairmanship of Health Minister, Faeqa bint Said Al-Saleh.

The minister welcomed members of the jury, consisting of experts from Bahrain and abroad, and extended thanks and appreciation to them for the efforts they have exerted over the past period to evaluate the participating works and select the winners of the first and second categories.

The participants discussed the preliminary results of their evaluation of the nominated works, and the mechanism in force to designate the winners.

Members of the jury or the “Committee to Choose the Winners of the Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Award for Bahraini Doctor”, praised the mechanism adopted to evaluate works and designate winners, noting that they are successful and smooth.

They also expressed pride in being members of the jury of the award which they described as an important initiative that reflects Bahrain’s interest in developing the health sector and motivating its affiliates in order to be creative.

They affirmed that the award will reflect positively on the health sector in Bahrain, and the wider region.

Concluding the meeting, the minister paid tribute to all Bahraini doctors who have submitted their works, stressing that the award aims to honour them for their tremendous efforts and noble sacrifices.

The jury includes members from HRH the Premier’s Court, Bahrain Medical Society (BMS), the World Health Organisation, the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) and the Irish Royal College of Surgeons, in addition to six other leading practitioners.

The “Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Award for Bahraini Doctor” consists of a shield and a certificate bearing the emblem of the award, in addition to a $ 200,000-worth financial reward granted to winners from the public and private sectors.

The award shall be granted in two categories, namely the “Innovation and Creative Award in Therapeutic, Clinical and Medical Research Award” and “Extended Loyalty and Giving Award”.

This first category is granted to three Bahraini doctors who prepared therapeutic, clinical and medical scientific research and achieved distinguished achievements in their medical field characterised by creativity and innovation.

The second is given to Bahraini doctors who have made great contributions in serving the health sector, and it is presented to a Bahraini doctor who has worked in the health sector for at least 30 years, and their career has been characterised by outstanding efforts and dedication and embodying the noble humanitarian ideals of the medical profession.

The award winners will be announced during a virtual ceremony to be held on November 4.